Triple Dialer or – used by Realtors at Bakersfield, CA to Reach More Prospects

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IQDial is as easy as 1,2,3. Upload your lists of contacts and we connect you to your prospects.

Power through your list with our Free Triple Power Line Dialer.

IQDial is a cutting edge technology as a premium phone dialing service but, at an affordable price


IQDial is a premium auto-dialing system that increases your productivity by letting you spend more time talking to leads and less time dialing. Manage your campaigns and lists to streamline workflow. Learn about your customers and identify prospects with our data appending services.


  • Efficient. Dial more contacts in less time.
  • Automated. Leave a pre-recorded message.
  • Connection. No delays or awkward silence.
  • Versatile. Web-based system lets you call from anywhere.
  • Price.One of the best prices you’ll find – $35/month.

Upload your lists of contacts and we connect you to your prospects.

IQDial can power through your list with our Free Triple Power Line Dialer.

IQDial is the most efficient online phone platform that will help you prospect and connect to new clients in seconds. All you need is a list of contacts. If you have a real estate list and need a phone number appended to your list we have Reverse Look Up feature that allows you to purchase the phone numbers at only 4 cents per a successful find. DNC filter also available.

Today you can also append to your list of property addresses, email address when it is available at only 4 cents each.

Video tutorials available on every page of the dialer to help you get started in least amount of time.

IQDial has the potential to revamp your prospecting business to new levels of freedom, efficiency, and in the least amount of time to help you connect to future clients!

IQDial has a triple phone dialing system that calls up to three numbers at once. Once an answer can be heard, you have the option to connect to that client. With a click of a button, IQDial helps you initiate, and finish the deal on great prospecting terms!

IQDial is a perfect solution that helps solve time hassling issues that concern connecting to clients. With IQDial, the possibilities are endless in terms of what line of work you are in that needs to connect to future clients.

This is a great way to start a new opportunity through connecting to new clients by using IQDial!

Start using IQDial today, and never look back. It is just that easy!

Phone services other than IQDial might charge you at higher rates, and sometimes the numbers do not add up.

IQDial will provide you a sweet spot for starting a new way of prospecting, as easy as clicking a few buttons to connect to your next client!

I promise you that IQDial is the way to go, and the way to start reaching out to new clients, with efficient results!


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For phone support please call us at (909-340-4453).

IQDial is provided by joint effort of SuccessorsData and Data24-7

Written by morryiq